Paramedical Examiner

The paramedical examiner has to perform tasks such as drawing blood, collecting urine specimens, checking blood pressure and taking medical history in order to screen life insurance applicants. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that jobs in the field are expected to rapidly grow through the year 2016. Boasting an average yearly salary of $49,700 in 2006, a Paramedical Examiner career can be one of great benefits.

Paramedical Examiner:
A Paramedical Examiner works either as an independent contractor or for a paramedical company to conduct medical screenings on life insurance applicants. The minimum educational requirement to become a Paramedical Examiner is a certification in EKG and  phlebotomy which can take up to one year to complete.
Career Definition: Paramedical Examiner
It is the job of a Paramedical Examiner to complete medical screenings on people applying for life insurance. These screenings usually involve taking a medical history, measuring weight and height, reading the blood pressure and collecting blood and urine samples. Many Paramedical Examiners work as independent contractors which allows for a great deal of flexibility regarding when and where they work, while others maintain a more traditional schedule through employment with a paramedical company. In both cases, the minimum educational requirement is a EKG and phlebotomist certification; however, some employers require more in-depth medical experience.

Required Skills for a Career as a Paramedical Examiner
Those seeking a career as a Paramedical Examiner need to be caring and patient with applicants who may be nervous about receiving a medical screening. Paramedical Examiners often work without supervision and so must be self-motivated and organized.

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